Strong Against HCV


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What is

Strong Against HCV is an awareness campaign that combats Hepatitis C. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the disease, to spread the power of optimism among patients living with HCV and to facilitate access to new effective and affordable medicines. Strong Against HCV is a signature campaign created by HCV-MP.

Are You Ready?

Have you received a prescription for SOFOLANORK, DAKLANORK or SOFOLANORK PLUS therapy from your healthcare provider?

YES: If you’re starting treatment, you’re not alone. HCV-MP is here to help you stay on track, providing necessary information about Hepatitis C, support and treatment tips that meet your needs.

NO: Do you have Hepatitis C symptoms?

How do you feel about starting treatment for Hepatitis C?

Let us help you with the answers.

Getting Started

HCV-MP shows your Hepatitis C Specialist the way to create a treatment plan for you and help you stay on track with treatment.

Learn more about HCV-MP medications: SOFOLANORK, DAKLANORK or SOFOLANORK PLUS and how to partner with your Hepatitis C Specialist to decide which treatment is right for you.

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